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The rules of the park

1. The use of the WELFARE AND SERVICE AREA provides for the respective identification, registration and admission of visitors:
a) Presentation of the identification document, namely Identity Card, Citizen Card or Passport, which will be used by the services to fill out the registration form.
b) After identification, the user of the WELCOME AND SERVICE AREA must prepay the intended stay, which can not be more than 30 days. In the case of unequivocal proof of abandonment of the vehicle, we reserve the right to request towing by the competent authorities.
2. The facilities are for the exclusive use of the paying visitors of the park, and can not be used by strangers.
3. During their stay in the WELCOME AND SERVICE AREA, caravanists must guide their behavior by the rules of good neighborliness.
4. Dumping of dirty water should take place in the respective spaces.
5. Forbidden to pour liquids out of authorized areas.
6. Car wash not allowed.
7. Household waste should be placed in sacks and deposited in the intended place.
8. Users of the service area shall ensure that they maintain good hygiene after use.
9. It is prohibited to park outside the designated area of the batch, or obstruct the free circulation of vehicles and people in the common areas of the park.
10. Caravanists may not exceed the limits of their lots, with any camping

elements (awnings, tables, chairs or other), or fix structures to the ground.

11. It is forbidden to fire.
12. It is forbidden to wash and spread clothing on lots.
13. Domestic animals shall not be released and their waste must be collected immediately by their owners.
14. The silence period is from 11:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
a) Respect the rest of other visitors, keep quiet and control the volume of your stereo, your pets, etc.
b) The nocturnal use of electric generators is not allowed.
c) Driving motor vehicles during this period is forbidden.
15. We ask for your cooperation in case it is necessary to relocate your caravan in another lot, for reasons of cleanliness or force majeure.
16. The caravanist is responsible for his / her car from the entrance to the exit of the park. It shall ensure its correct parking and ensure that it takes the necessary measures to prevent any theft or deterioration. The park will not be responsible for any damages.
17. It is expressly prohibited the use of narcotic substances and states of drunkenness that call into question the respect of the rules of good conduct of the park
18. Visitors should ensure the good use of the equipment, structures and services of the park, otherwise they will be charged for the damages caused and expulsion from the park.
19. Failure to comply with the rules may result in expulsion of the visitor.


This park and service area is exclusively for parking and refueling of motor homes, and it is forbidden to use it for other purposes by other vehicles.
Caravanists shall be subject to the rules set out in these park rules.

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