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Faro's history began in the VIII century b.C. during the Phoenicians colonization. Since then, there has been a lot of cultural influences from European and Morrocan Kings all over the ​region, that can be seen throught the arquitecture, colors, gastronomy and patterns of the city.

Today Faro is a modernized city, district headquarters, where they can be found, all major Portuguese institutional services. Has developed various cultural projects (theater, cinema, music, dance), from the construction of the theater of figures, together with the theater group of the Algarve (ACTA), which is based in Lethes Theatre.
The University of Algarve, founded in 1976, with about 10,000 students, has taken a leading role in technologies related to the sea, at national and international level, attracting more and more foreign students, through the Erasmus program.

Faro is surrounded by the Ria Formosa, which is a marine natural park, formed by lagoons and aquatic channels , which extends over the municipalities of Loulé, Faro, Olhão, Tavira and Vila Real de Santo António, covering an area of ​​about 18,400 hectares along 60 kilometers from the river Ancão to the beach of Manta Rota.
This humid area, houses hundreds of sea birds and some exotic species like flamingos (perfect for birdwaching lovers). Don't miss the opportunity to visit the deserted islands and do not forget to bring sunscreen.

The excellence of food is a landmark of Faro. Vegetables, meat, fish, and the unique fresh seafood dishes, such as cataplana, will surely conquer your palate. Inside the old town you can find some of the tastiest restaurants in town.


Enjoy an amazing horse ride through the beautiful Nature Park, Ria Formosa.

During 1h/2h you will visit the salinas with its unique bird colony and fantastic natural reserve.​


Visit the ancient process of salt production, located in Ludo, the natural park of Ria Formosa, near Faro Beach. You can see the traditional preservation process of the natural sea salt and the famous salt flower, recognized by many elite Chefs for its high mineral properties, and observe the magnificent bird life that lives here.


The Algarve Cliff Trails will allow you to discover the Algarve coast. A unique painting where you can admire wonderful views of limestone cliffs carved by the sea and wind. Along the way, you will find small fishing villages and some abandoned fortresses that remind us of the time of the kings and the time when the pirates ravaged this coast, immersed in the beautiful unspoiled beaches of Algarve!


Try some of the best seafood dishes, pastry and wines of the region, on an authentic experience in which you will get mixed with the locals and explore with your 5 senses the best of the Algarve in terms of gastronomy and culture. 


Get to know all about our Ria Formosa Natural Park, with passage through the typical fisherman's island, Culatra, by the island of Farol and island Deserta. Visit the Ria Formosa and its paradisiac islands, in a wonderful guided boat tour. You will have the opportunity to watch some fishermen's activities, stroll through some of the most typical islands of the region, enjoy a very nice lunch in one of the local restaurants and appreciate the purest and beautiful landscape and the richest bird ecosystem in the Algarve.


Find all about our culture on a guided tour, discovering the castles, churches, cathedrals, monasteries and historical wonders of the Algarve. Get to know the hidden places of our cities, admire different architectural styles and discover the legacies left to us by the civilizations who have passed through here along the time. Get involved and fall in love with this region, which has centuries and centuries of History to tell.

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