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We are a service and stay area for motorhomes, located next to the international airport, Ria Formosa Nature Reserve and Faro beach, some of the region's ex-libris and a few meters from supermarkets, restaurants, motorway and hospitals.

Our service and hospitality area is prepared to receive visitors who wish to stay in a safe and comfortable place, and also for those who seek a quality place for maintenance.

The park consists of lots with a minimum size of 50m2 for each motorhome, prepared with electrical outlets of 220volts, supply of drinking water, free wifi, and a very pleasant surrounding area, intended for leisure and picnics, with herbs and a space lounge where our visitors can relax and enjoy the surrounding nature.

The service area has a waste water disposal station and a chemical disposal site, which is served by an autonomous water point for hygiene purposes, an organic garbage collection point and a recycling point.

You can also enjoy complementary services such as Showers (with hot water), Laundry (washing machine and tumble dryer), and more.


We have everything prepared to welcome you.

See you soon

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